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Success Stories

Meet the people who are transforming their lives, families, communities and the world with North American Power.

Recent News

In Their Own Words

  • Each and every day, I'm helping people achieve their personal financial goals, helping deserving charities through NAP's Mission to Millions program and supporting a cleaner environment with the hopes of one day seeing America as an energy independent nation.

    Trish Slavin
  • I now have a dream bigger than myself, new friends that care about my why and my success, and I know now that I don't have to go it alone. I have found a new FAMILY that supports me and stands beside me and sometimes even behind me when I need a push, and I…

    Eric “Ozzy” Smith
  • Mario Selitte

    I love seeing the glow on someone’s face when they realize how very simple it is to create change.

    Mario Selitte
  • It’s an honor to be part of this movement for renewable energy and earn an income at the same time.

    Pamela Jones
  • Because of the economy, people are not donating money to charities like they used to. So when North American Power created the Mission to Millions program to donate substantial amounts to charities, that really touched me. That was one of the main reasons why I said, “I have to take a closer look at this…

    Valerie Aloisio
  • What a gift the North American Power corporate team has given us and it's a gift that keeps on giving! Share proudly and share loudly....with absolutely everyone you come in contact with! We have the ability to change people's lives for the better, each and every day! Priceless!

    Trish Slavin
  • The North American Power opportunity has allowed me to work my own hours and create an additional stream of income that continues to grow month after month. I have met some incredible people who I now consider very good friends. Whenever I need help, they are there. Oh yeah...and it didn't cost me anything to…

    Audrey Hallman
  • Today's Women's Empowerment Seminar with Vanessa was PHENOMENAL! She is inspiring and a wonderful leader to every woman out there working toward becoming a leader in the business industry and North American Power. I am counting the days until she comes back again to speak and empower others! - Women’s Empowerment Workshop

    Beth Anne
  • Great opportunity for the average person. I see it growing quickly and steadily.  

    Marie M.
  • Caurletta & Billie Sanford

    I now have the vision to build a life-long risk-free business that my family can benefit from forever.

    Caurletta & Billie Sanford