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Success Stories

Meet the people who are transforming their lives, families, communities and the world with North American Power.

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In Their Own Words

  • In life, if you can make money while positively affecting this world, you will find genuine happiness and meaning that money cannot buy. Knowing that we are advancing renewable energy and helping many in need through Mission to Millions is something I know will give my life purpose for years to come.

    Louis Soto
  • North American Power changed my life. This company, opened up an opportunity I knew existed, but I just was not exactly sure how people were doing it.

    Mark Herzfeldt
  • What would I tell a friend? I would tell them that coming to these events help motivate you and keep you plugged into the company’s goals. Also, it will help you acquire more information and tools to grow your business. - Chicago Launch Celebration

    Annias Bell
  • Because of North American Power, I will be able to do things like travel and take care of my mother in my home and not a nursing home! Leaving something for my children is also important to me, and North American Power affords me this opportunity.

    Barbara Holmes
  • On attending events: "It's well worth it. You see other regular people like yourself and their achievements. They are approachable and are willing to share information with you about their success." - Chicago Launch Celebration

    Derek & Sharon Sabbath
  • You cannot place a price upon the peace of mind that comes from the North American Power opportunity. The ongoing development as a human being has been very precious to me. Specific areas of my life that were once deficient are now my strong points. And that is truly the magic of this opportunity.

    Michael O’Brien
  • Don't miss it! - Chicago Launch Celebration

    Gail Howard Johnson
  • North American Power has improved my life by providing me with something that I enjoy doing. I enjoy having an opportunity where I can truly help others improve their standard of living. While helping these people I am also creating residual income for my family.

    Les Bryant
  • I enjoyed watching and hearing the Representatives interact with each other. Chicago Launch Celebration

    Shirley Dixon
  • It’s an honor to be part of this movement for renewable energy and earn an income at the same time.

    Pamela Jones