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Success Stories

Meet the people who are transforming their lives, families, communities and the world with North American Power.

Recent News

In Their Own Words

  • Lucy Bove

    Not only am I super excited about the possibilities that North American Power will afford for my family, I’m learning something totally new, challenging myself everyday and meeting like-minded people that I love working with!  

    Lucy Bove
  • Today's Women's Empowerment Seminar with Vanessa was PHENOMENAL! She is inspiring and a wonderful leader to every woman out there working toward becoming a leader in the business industry and North American Power. I am counting the days until she comes back again to speak and empower others! - Women’s Empowerment Workshop

    Beth Anne
  • Supporting the Green Movement in the US through the NAPower Opportunity allows me to learn, as well as be connected to something that is beneficial and larger than me, knowing that the benefits will be reaped by future generations of all life on our planet!

    Delores Irvin
  • Being a part of North American Power has made me a better leader, a better boss and a better person.

    Mark Cipparone
  • North American Power has it all to accomplish their mission of charitable donations, an outstanding no-risk and no-investment opportunity and a positive effect on the environment! I love being a part of the history we have made and will ultimately make. I actually left my job to do this business full time. I am very…

    David Mack
  • Because of the economy, people are not donating money to charities like they used to. So when North American Power created the Mission to Millions program to donate substantial amounts to charities, that really touched me. That was one of the main reasons why I said, “I have to take a closer look at this…

    Valerie Aloisio
  • In my entire career, I have never seen the opportunity to create what it is that North American Power brings to the table! I have been involved since November of the first year, and doing this on a really part-time basis, and I have seen great success!

    Michael Freeland
  • Yeah, I am pinching myself every day. It is like a dream. It is pretty surreal because where I had thought I'd be and had set my goals, I’ve exceeded that point three times over. I’ve had the success of my life in these last six months.

    Cherea Bonds
  • I chose to pursue the North American Power opportunity because I knew that if I didn’t give it a try when I had nothing to lose, and a lifetime of dreams to gain, I would never be able to look at my three small boys and say ‘Daddy is doing everything he can to give…

    Eric “Ozzy” Smith
  • Ron Cole

    North American Power has improved my life by helping me become a better person as a whole by helping others in ways I never could before! I’ve been able to earn free energy, create financial freedom for my family and empower others to make positive changes in their lives, too. It’s a wonderful feeling!

    Ron Cole