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Success Stories

Meet the people who are transforming their lives, families, communities and the world with North American Power.

Recent News

In Their Own Words

  • This company has heart, social awareness, fiscal responsibility and a real desire to transform lives around the globe with an amazing product. It is just what I was looking for...a company with integrity!

    Lisa Mason Minter
  • You cannot place a price upon the peace of mind that comes from the North American Power opportunity. The ongoing development as a human being has been very precious to me. Specific areas of my life that were once deficient are now my strong points. And that is truly the magic of this opportunity.

    Michael O’Brien
  • In the past, inviting others to share in a new business opportunity always carried a significant investment, which made it difficult to truly earn a significant income. With North American Power, I have been able to invite friends and colleagues to share in the opportunity with zero risk and zero investment. There is no reason…

    Cherea Bonds
  • Yeah, I am pinching myself every day. It is like a dream. It is pretty surreal because where I had thought I'd be and had set my goals, I’ve exceeded that point three times over. I’ve had the success of my life in these last six months.

    Cherea Bonds
  • Ron Cole

    North American Power has improved my life by helping me become a better person as a whole by helping others in ways I never could before! I’ve been able to earn free energy, create financial freedom for my family and empower others to make positive changes in their lives, too. It’s a wonderful feeling!

    Ron Cole
  • It is a good feeling knowing we’re making a difference in the lives of people, by helping them save money and helping us in going green.

    Bob Jarvis
  • I have and never will see something so powerful that changes people’s lives. No better way of getting paid!

    David Mack
  • Devron Wilson

    My outlook and vision for my family and I over the next few years is crystal clear. North American Power has set me on a course to achieve the financial goals I want to achieve for my parents, wife, and children, simply by helping countless others dream again and providing them the resources and financial…

    Devron Wilson
  • Having worked in large corporations and institutions over the years, I cannot believe my good fortune in being part of a company where everyone, from the CEO down through the ranks, is committed to help me succeed!

    Olive Wolfe
  • Today's Women's Empowerment Seminar with Vanessa was PHENOMENAL! She is inspiring and a wonderful leader to every woman out there working toward becoming a leader in the business industry and North American Power. I am counting the days until she comes back again to speak and empower others! - Women’s Empowerment Workshop

    Beth Anne